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Avenova® With Neutrox Helps Patient with Contact Lens See Clearly Again

By Dr. Emery Jaffe

One long-time patient of the Jaffe Eye Institute, Susan, needs to wear a hard contact lens in order to see. She was treated for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which caused cataracts and severe eye inflammation when she was young. The disease claimed sight in her left eye and caused a cataract in her right eye. The cataract was removed and Susan was fitted with a hard contact lens, which provided her excellent vision. As an adult, Susan went to work for us at the Jaffe Eye Institute.

Over time, problems with the hard contact lens developed. Debris in her eye blurred her vision, and she felt sensations of something foreign in her eye. At times, her eye was so irritated and inflamed that using her contact lens became painful and difficult. She tried eye compresses and lid scrubs, but nothing really helped.

Susan represents a relatively extreme case of a problem called contact lens intolerance, but the problem is surprisingly common. About 15 percent of people suffer from eye discomfort and dryness that is exacerbated when they try to wear their contact lenses. In addition to Susan, I see dozens of other patients every month in my practice at the Jaffe Eye Institute in Aventura and Delray Beach, Florida, who are upset and frustrated because they can’t wear their lenses.

Fortunately, I have been able to help Susan and many others with an innovative new eyelid hygiene product called Avenova®.

The causes of contact lens intolerance include the build-up of debris in the eye that Susan suffered from and dry eye, a condition where the eye lacks its usual film of protective tears. Both problems are linked to bacteria and tiny parasitic mites that live on the eyelids. These microbes irritate sensitive eye tissue, causing pain and inflammation (and sometimes, serious eye infections). They also lead to the buildup of debris on the eyes and eyelids, and they make enzymes that attack the crucial oil layer that protects the tear film.

Avenova with Neutrox from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals directly tackles all of these underlying causes. Its key ingredient is a formulation of pure hypochlorous acid (named Neutrox). Wiping the eyes with hypochlorous acid removes the debris and reduces the bacteria and the mites, reducing chances of infections and improving comfort. Avenova also inactivates the bacterial enzymes, helping to restore the tear film.

I showed Susan how to wipe her eyes twice daily with Avenova sprayed onto a cotton pad. The results were enormously gratifying — to me and to Susan. Within days, her pain, inflammation, and eye debris virtually vanished. She now is now able to wear her contact lens without any discomfort — giving her excellent vision from her one good eye.

I’ve had similar impressive results with many other patients suffering from contact lens intolerance. For Susan and all the others, Avenova has proven to be a fabulous medicine.

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