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Jaffe Eye Institute has been providing patients like you with outstanding eye care since 1953, when Norman Jaffe, MD opened his doors to patients in South Florida. We will never forget the tireless, enthusiastic and impassioned physician, Norman Jaffe MD.

Founded on the principals of great care and compassion, Dr. Norman Jaffe was a frontrunner in advanced ocular care that was unprecedented by many doctors at that time. In the late 1950s and 60s, most patients who needed cataract surgery wore very thick (“Coke bottle”) glasses that magnified their surroundings, increasing falls and injury.

That changed in December 1967 when Dr. Jaffe and two other ophthalmologists implanted the first lenses into human eyes during cataract surgery in the United States. This was not a popular procedure at the time. In fact, many of Dr. Jaffe's colleagues thought he was making a grave mistake.

But Dr. Jaffe believed in this technology, and today lens implants are thought by most ophthalmologists to be the greatest advance in cataract surgery of the 20th century, improving the lives of millions of seniors.

As the third surgeon in the country to use an implant during cataract surgery, Dr. Jaffe was able to help his patients see more clearly and enjoy an improved quality of life. Today his sons continue to provide advanced lens implant options, allowing cataract patients to see well without any extra glasses or cumbersome contact lenses.

A few years later, Dr. Jaffe wrote a book entitled "Cataract Surgery and Its Complications," published by C.V. Mosby in 1972. The book was to be used by other ophthalmic surgeons, and it quickly became one of the most popular books on cataract surgery in publication, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. It was even translated into Japanese. It remained a popular book in its field and was rewritten for a total of six editions over the next 30 years – the last two editions being written by himself along with two of his sons, Mark and Gary.

The Legacy Continues

Gary Jaffe, MD, joined the family practice in 1982 after completing his residency at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, one of the country’s leading eye care facilities. Emery Jaffe, MD, joined the team in 1991. Together they continue to work as leaders in their field.

In the mid-1980s the doctors traveled to China to provide cataract surgeries to those in need. They completed 23 surgeries in just two days, and patients who would have otherwise gone blind without care were given back their sight. Many were overcome with emotion as they discovered their new 20/30 vision. Patients waited hours in line to be evaluated and were desperate for care from providers the country simply did not have at that time. Emery and Gary Jaffe were there to make a difference.

After the surgeries, the Jaffe’s worked with over 700 Chinese doctors to teach them the surgical techniques and support their training so even more patients could receive the gift of sight.

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